Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tulip Bowl, Orange

This bowl is a representation of a tulip observed just before the petals began to fall. The petals have a yellow base with red sprinkled over, giving the yellow and orange appearance around the black centre.

It is a functional bowl for fruit or as a serving dish. It is 290mm diameter and 60mm deep. The glass is 6mm thick making it very robust.

This is a continuous curve bowl made from clear glass with powder added in multiple firings and at the end slumped into a mould.

It is available with a flat or rounded base. The flat bottom makes the bowl very stable, while the round base allows the bowl to be gently spun.

The bowl is resistant to hot food, but should not be used for food that has been fried.

This signed, bright addition to the dining table is £50.00 plus P&P

Contact me for more information and additional photos.

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