Sunday, 24 July 2011

Piquant Bouquet, 3

This is the third in the series of three panels depicting bouquets of buds.

Piquant Bouquet 3

Here the buds have largely broken through their confines ready to emerge.

Leaded Glass Panel, ca. 300 mm square with hanging hooks and line included.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Piquant Bouquet, 1

This leaded glass panel is one of a small abstract series depicting bouquets of buds.

Piquant Bouquet 1

The panel relates to the emergence and regeneration of life through the potential of the buds to burst into life through the confines of its surroundings.

Leaded Glass Panel, ca. 300 mm by 450 mm. Hooks and line for hanging included.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Shot Glasses

I have developed a range of "shot glasses" that have other uses too. They are individual with heights ranging from 40mm to 70mm high and approximately 50mm diameter each. The price for these is £7.50 each.

Contact me for more information or more photos.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Parent and Child

This piece, titled Parent and Child is stylised image of a parents arms attempting to protect the child as the child begins to break the family boundaries. The blue safe arms attempt to confine the child bursting with vivid vitality. Both are grounded in the blue and green of safe development.

Parent and Child

Leaded Glass Panel, 200 mm by 350 mm, provided with hooks and line for hanging.

Looking Back ...

This panel is obviously influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright windows. It starts from an awareness of the mid west of the United States through having been raised there. The clear bevel at its centre allows a clear view, while the rest of the glass allows only light through.

Looking Back...

So the question is "Looking back ... [what do you see]?"

Painted, stained and leaded glass panel, 300 mm by 420 mm.

Price: £350

Monday, 11 July 2011


This piece is based on the typical structures you find in south west USA and southern Australia as well as other parts of the world. It consists of a hard cap of rock over softer rock that is eroded by wind or water.

View 1

For me it represents the stubborn surface personality persisting although slowly eroded by the effects of experience and time.

View 2

This view shows the curvature of the piece.

This sculptural piece provides a variety of tones in different lighting conditions. It is suitable as a free-standing or a wall piece.

Fused and Slumped Glass 400 m by 320 mm by 50 mm

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The West

The West

Inspired by the mountains and lochs of Argyllshire, this takes the theme of a bright rainy day to explore textures and shapes.

Suitable for hanging in a window or incorporating into a larger panel.

Leaded and painted glass, ca. 500 mm by 350 mm


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Modern Boat

This style of boat is based on the modern sailing boats and their style of sails. These are colourful additions to the house. The sails are shaped to represent the wind filling them. These can be mounted on varnished wood (as here) or on drift wood. They are created in a variety of sea colours, with white hulls.

The price of each is £28.00 plus P&P

Contact me for colour combinations.

Traditional Boats

This is a series of sailing boats based on a traditional style. They are attractive shelf decorations and if placed on a window sill transmit a soft coloured light. The sails are formed to represent the wind in the sails. They are mounted in both drift wood (shown here) or in cut and varnished wood.

Each is approximately 180 mm wide, by 250 mm high and 30 - 60 mm deep. They are created in a variety of sea colours, some of which are illustrated here.

The price for these is £25.00 each.

Contact me for colour combinations and mounting choices.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Green Wave

Green Wave

Kiln formed, fused and formed again. Glass, steel, wood. ca. 400mm wide, 500mm high, 125mm deep.

The action of the sea undulates and creates streamers of sea weed and colour as the wave nears the shore. It disturbs the placid beach as it encroaches onto the land.

This piece is ideal for ledges or plinths in areas where there is natural or artificial light.

Price: £300 + P&P

Further information and more images are available by replying below.

Meeting, Holding, Passing

Meeting Holding Passing

Kiln formed and fused glass in a stainless steel frame. ca. 400mm wide, 550mm high, 150mm deep.

Each of us meets and makes contact with others for shorter or longer periods and then pass on to other things and places. What we share becomes another entity.

The glass pieces interact with each other to alter the tone of the next door colour, creating subtle changes as the viewer moves around the piece. The glass retains much of its colour in reflected light, but is most brilliant in transmitted light. This piece will make a stunning statement in a window or other well lit space.

Price: £400.00 + P&P

Further images are available upon application, as is more information about the piece.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Red Tulip Bowl

This bowl is based on a tulip I observed that has a graduation of colours from very dark at the centre through yellow to red. This was placed on a transparent blue background to provide a bright addition to the home.

The colours are built up in multiple firings of opalescent glass powders to give a rich density to the whole image. The bowl is 300mm in diameter and 60mm deep.

It can be used as a decorative serving dish as it is resistant to hot and cold foods.

This signed piece is £50.00 plus P&P

Contact me for more information.

Australian Bloom

During a trip to South Australia I saw this flower in the countryside. I used the image to create a representation of the subtle change in colour from the white centre to the purple edges of the petals. I placed it on a green glass with sparkles called aventurine for contrast.

It is a large shallow bowl of 400mm diameter and 30mm deep. It can be functional as a bowl, or simply decorative, as the light plays across the surface causing the minerals within the glass to shine.

The colour of the flower petals was created by firing layers of powder multiple times to build up the density and graduate the colours. The stamen was fired last and at a lower temperature to give a small relief image.

This signed piece is £100.00 plus P&P.

Contact me for more information and additional photos.