Saturday, 15 January 2011

Red Tulip Bowl

This bowl is based on a tulip I observed that has a graduation of colours from very dark at the centre through yellow to red. This was placed on a transparent blue background to provide a bright addition to the home.

The colours are built up in multiple firings of opalescent glass powders to give a rich density to the whole image. The bowl is 300mm in diameter and 60mm deep.

It can be used as a decorative serving dish as it is resistant to hot and cold foods.

This signed piece is £50.00 plus P&P

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Australian Bloom

During a trip to South Australia I saw this flower in the countryside. I used the image to create a representation of the subtle change in colour from the white centre to the purple edges of the petals. I placed it on a green glass with sparkles called aventurine for contrast.

It is a large shallow bowl of 400mm diameter and 30mm deep. It can be functional as a bowl, or simply decorative, as the light plays across the surface causing the minerals within the glass to shine.

The colour of the flower petals was created by firing layers of powder multiple times to build up the density and graduate the colours. The stamen was fired last and at a lower temperature to give a small relief image.

This signed piece is £100.00 plus P&P.

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